Lisa Mbumba

Born 1997, Lisa Mbumba Baya is a Congolese painter based in Kinshasa, Republic of Congo.

Unveil destructiveness, society and confluent emergence with collage and acrylic splashed nature.

Collection of work

‘’ My dream is to be a worldwide renowned artist, and that my works can contribute to a change of my society’’.

With Mbumba’s collection; ‘’ Dissension’’ she inspires and aims to challenge climate change. Through awareness, consciousness and transition of behaviour in Congo and around the world, Mubumba’s intention is to unite the fight against climate change and prosper the unifying connection that comes with this aspiring confluence.


Having a passion for art from a young age and being inspired by the Congolese landscape, her paintings reflect her feelings and emotions. ‘’ Art is my life and passion and it allows me to be my true self and express sensations the common public can not grasp’’. Working with acryl and collage allows Mbumba to denounce the most terrifying human behaviours that disrupts the Republic of Congo and it’s Nature.


  • Graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Kinshasa with a baccalaureate degree in 2016.
  • Graduated from the Academy of Beaux- Arts in Kinshasa in visual arts, painting option in 2019.
  • 2019 painting teacher at the KOLI center in Kinshasa
  • 2019 Exhibition at the contemprorary art and multimedia museum of the LIMETE interchange
  • 2019 Art competition on breastfeeding (1ste edition KUYEMIKA)

Artistic approach

Lisa Mbumba creates acrylic splashed nature with collage to champion social and natural change. The artist aims to share her personal sensation’s to denounce human behaviour concerning social disruption and climate change. Social destruction, dissolvement and degration at every level, economic, political, and ecological – is used as inspiration to fight for.

Because it’s not only destroying the world, but also nature and everything in it. Congo, the Heart of Africa – not only geographical, but in essence it symbolises the heart of the world in extremicity, and therefore showcasing potential outcomes of colorful ambiance or massive disruption.