Discover our artists

We collaborate with inspiring upcoming artists from Africa. Currently we are exposing a group of artists from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. We aim to elaborate on the influence of African heritage and culture.


Emmanuel Gesalo

Born 1993, Emmanuel Gesalo is a Congolese visual artist based in Kinshasa, Congo.

Transcend duressness, faith and suffering by preserving true human purpose in acrylic and floral fabric ‘’strapped’’ potraits.

Lisa Mbumba

Born 1997, Lisa Mbumba Baya is a Congolese painter based in Kinshasa, Republic of Congo.

Unveil destructiveness, society and confluent emergence with collage and acrylic splashed nature.

Jonathan Zatu

Jonathan Zatu Oyomba is a Congolese painter based in Brussels, Belgium.

Fragile Human identity redressed in mosaic, aesthetic qualities.

Jonathan Zengwa

Born 1997, Jonathan Zengwa Imbali is a Congolose painter based in inshasa, Republic of Congo.

Sequenced and distorted characters that challenge narratives byexploring dark sides of humanity to restore harmony in society.

Arnold Oleko

Unraveling feminity, abuse and power in chromosomes and seminal glaced characters.

Arnold Oleko was born in 1994 in Kinshasa, Congo, where he continues to live and work.