Jonathan Zengwa

Born 1997, Jonathan Zengwa Imbali is a Congolose painter based in Kinshasa, Republic of Congo.

Sequenced and distorted characters that challenge narratives by exploring dark sides of humanity to restore harmony in society.

Collection of work

“I have the ambition to become an Internationally recognized African artist, to be able to promote other African artists who dream of creating great work, thus promoting the promotion of African art in general’’.

With Zengwa’s collection: ‘’ Who am I?’’ he inspires and aims to contribute to the human right of telling your own story, with style and identity. Expressing style and African identity within the context of The Societe Des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegantes, otherwise known as LA SAPE, one of the world’s most exclusive clubs. These ‘’members’’ gave their own code of conduct and honour and strict notions of morality. La Sape is a movement of contradictions and paradoxes. In the Congo “elegance” is very important. In no other country a sence of style is so crucially identified with its own cultural history. An imporant part of this heritage is the Sape movement.


Art always has been a strong part of Zengwa’s character. Since he was a child, he used comic books as a way to freely express his emotions and feelings. His favourite art form is painting, it’s a passion and a gift he can’t ignore. Working with Models sequenced on canvas, Zengwa aims to create a fair world by rebuilding man from his mistakes and restoring harmony in Society.


  • 2016 Graduated from the pedagogical baccalaureate at the Catholic school Monseigneur MOKE
  • 2020 Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa: Plastic? Arts, painting option
  • 2019 Professional internship at KINART studio ( created by Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo)
  • 2019 Exhibition of finalist students of the Academy of Fine Arts Kinshasa
  • 2019 Permanent exhibition od the R.D. Congo senate.
  • Virtual exhibition at Badombe Gallery

Artistic approach

Jonathan Zengwa sequenced society critical images explores the true identity of mankind. By dividing and sequencing the people in his works, he represents the psychological or/and physical instability caused by unemployment, a lack of logic, health care structures, and an unsufficient supply of food. As Zengwa divides the body in motion, he symbolizes mankind’s instability and that of Congo.

Taking inspiration from pop culture and his unique background, Zengwa aims to create a fair world by rebuilding man from his mistakes. Choosing the Human Identity as a theme, it is above all, an observation and a method Zengwa explores his various topics. It allows him to articulate man’s dark side.