Jonathan Zatu

Jonathan Zatu Oyomba is a Congolese painter based in Brussels, Belgium.

Fragile Human identity redressed in mosaic, aesthetic qualities.

Collection of work

‘’ To me, being African means respecting and loving nature on a physical and spirtual level’’

With Zatu’s collection: ‘’ The dreams’’ he inspires and contributes to Transforming ego and human connection. He aims to inspire the world to transform ego and human connection with mosaiec easthetics and abstracting ways of approaching ourselves and others. Zatu’s intention is to be a inspiring force for inclusion and diversity within countries, organisations, and families.


Born with a creative spirit, Zatu transmits a message through art to awaken the conscience of mankind. Zatu’s art centers around the fragility of the human being. By using this theme Zatu is able to convey a universal message. Working with photography and Traditonal fine art techniques, Zatu captures the verbal attitudes of the model – abstracting certain parts of the body – allowing Zatu to illustrate the fragility of the Human Being.


  • 2018 Concours, Genies en herbe competition, 2nd price ( PNEF)
  • 2019 International festival of Coca Cola ( Coke Fest), life painting on stage of music
  • artist Ferre Gola
  • 2019 Traineeship Atelier Mbemba
  • 2019 Group exposition finalists of the Academy of Beaux-Arts Kinshasa
  • 2019 Permanent group exposition at the Senate ( people’s palace)
  • 2020 The realisation of the mural at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Artistic approach

Jonathan Zatu’s abstracting portraits questions the original nature of the human being. Art is a philosophical and existential medium with the capacity to reveal the deep indentity of the human being: a fragile and precocious being. A fragile character is one that easily breaks or deteriorates according to the artist. Lack of solidity is meant as a sign of weak physical or moral strength.

Using his philosophy to symbiose with painting on canvas, fragilities are turned into easthetic qualities by placing them in their historical context. The artist’s creative approach is a result of Zatu’s classically inspired mosaic aesthetic, which gives him a paradoxical spiritual aesthetic appeal. By abstracting the human body, he illustrates the fragility of the human being. Zatu’s work also reflect on the fragile relationship between humans and nature. As it becomes more fragile, we abstract ourselves from it, thus we abstract from ourselves.