Emmanuel Gesalo

Born 1993, Emmanuel Gesalo is a Congolese visual artist based in Kinshasa, Congo.

Transcend duressness, faith and suffering by preserving true human purpose in acrylic and floral fabric ‘’strapped’’ potraits.


Collection of work

‘’ The aim of my work is to lift the soul and develop it’’ – With Gesalo’s collection: ‘’ Hope in Closed Views’’ he inspires and contributes to the intention – Conservation and nourishment of Healthy Soil. Gesalo does this through illustrating the living example of a rock-solid believe in his gift, and the exposure of exploitation of raw materials and minerals.


Raised with a tough childhood, Gesalo overcame a lot of obstacles. Keeping a strong retainment to his gift and purpose, Gesalo ultimately frees himself, within his mission to cultivate and propagate creative and intellectual capacities in others – by transforming duressness, captivity and faith in art.

Artistic approach

Emmanuel Gesalo’s floral fabric ‘’ strapped’’ portraits, with the exposing of exploitation of raw materials and minerals – reflects the inner and outer salvation of captivity. He uses acrylic as medium and floral fabrics to portray the greenery and beauty of his African homeland.

Realizing the importance of freeing oneself from the inside, expressing what is deep inside (your gift), and being aware of all the ways you can overcome obstacles – the works emphasize the conductivity of purpose and also how personal view and retainment is instrinsically tied to a man’s fulfilling dreams. African men are especially challenged in his art to leave their pshychological, social, spiritual and physical prisons. Gesalo generally holds to the view that it is important for men to cultivate and propagate their creative and intellectual capacities.

‘’ The aim of my work is to lift the soul and develop it’’

“As an artist, I want to use my success to elavate the poor and the children of the street’’

‘’I aim to preserve, conserve and nourish Healthy Soil with Solid Rocks’’