Arnold Oleko

Unraveling feminity, abuse and power in chromosomes and seminal glaced characters.

Arnold Oleko was born in 1994 in Kinshasa, Congo, where he continues to live and work.

Collection of work

‘’ Throughout the world, women are the custodians of humanity, and they are it’s carriers and defenders. The woman of today and tomorrow are indispensable to the evolution of our society’’.

With Oleko’s collection: ‘’ The Vision’’ he inspires and aims to contribute to women emancipation and containment of population growth. Through illustrating reproduction and women emancipation within his art, his intention is to inspire and evolve the world to enhance emancipation incentives and therefore reproduction cautions. Hereby empowering women lies at the centre of transcending society.


Born in a Christian family of ten, from a young age, Oleko liked to draw everything he saw. Influenced by a widely held belief that women should be weak in Congolese culture, he thoroughly denounce this conviction, by presenting powerful in chromosomes and seminal glaced woman, representing the carriers and defenders of the custodians of humanity.

Artistic approach

Arnold Oleko’s uniquely mixed media seminal glaced portraits, explores the cycle of life and the crucial role of women within it. It portrays the strenght and the underlying power of women in today’s and tomorrow’s society.

Capturing his subjects with photography, Oleko uses newspaper articles and critical press to paint on canvas. Oleko’s works are deeply inspired by the conception of a child, related to seminal fluid and egg cells – man in relation to woman – challenges the paradoxical reality of humans’ anatomy versus humans’ socially. ‘’50 to 100 million sperm cells ( man) in each millimeter of sperm racing for the egg’s heart(woman) – Congolese woman must remain silent in the face of abuse, accusations, reproaches, and humiliations by accepting emotional release from their partners’’. Oleko’s attempt to unravel the mystery of the woman in a fascinating way, is used to fulfill his dream, to travel the world, and discover it’s heart – to evolve his experience.